I started web designing when I was 14. Since then, I have developed my skills to an expanding array of things from graphic design to management for streamers on Twitch and Mixer. 
 At 20 years old, I have built a small corporation that is renown for their work.
 In under a few weeks, I have been researching new innovative ideas to help our company grow!
  We have a lot of intelligent young minds working with my teams to gain a better understanding of the skills needed to strive in the industry as well as grow with the company 

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Certified Skills:

 ~ Market Research 

 ~ Business Admin

 ~ Tech support

 ~ C++, Java, , Javascript, Ruby, CSS3, HTML/HTML5,

 ~ Ethical hacking

 ~ Marketing
 ~ Customer service

 ~ Wordpress Website Builder
 ~ Windows Visual studio 2015
 ~ Business Tech Support

 ~ Wix Website Builder Pro + Ultimate
 ~ Adobe Photoshop 2015

Self taught Skills:


 ~ Adobe Professional Tools 2019 
 ~ Adobe AfterEffects 2019 
 ~ Sony Vegas 19' Video Editing

 ~ Python,

 ~ Core Java,

 ~ Lua development ,

 ~ Linux Ubuntu,

 ~ Linux Mint Cinnamon,

 ~ Video editing,

 ~ White hacking web applications, etc

 ~ Guru Video editor
 ~ Artist Management
 ~ Promoting/Marketing Strategies 2019
 ~ Trends/Influencer Strategies 2020





Logo design

Stream design

Web Design


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